A SM North 1960 class ring has been found in Oregon.
Following is an email Linda McConwell received.
My father passed away on May 7 in Florence, OR and I was tasked with going through his possessions. Among them I found a man's class ring that appears to have been well worn. It is a ruby with North Shawnee Mission engraved on the top and 1960 on the side. On the inside of the ring are what appear to be engraved initials of GLS. My dad was a school teacher and would have been teaching in Colorado at that time, specifically New Castle after we moved there from Glenwood Springs. As far as we know, there was no family link to Kansas. My father was born in 1928 in Cheyenne, Wyoming and went to high school in Grand Junction, Colorado.
If the owner of the ring could be found, I would be pleased to mail the ring to him or to his family.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Maja Laird
If anyone can help identifing the owner of this ring please let Linda McConwell or me, Larry Newlon and we will contact Maja Laird.)

Thanks to Linda McConwell for the following update.
I have learned that Nancy Crocker Davis's husband, Jay Davis, passed away Wednesday at their home in Grove, OK.  The address in the current class directory is correct.  Services Thurs, May 3, St. Michaels and All Angels, 67th and Nall, Mission. 

Linda Pigg Schroeder is fighting lung cancer.  She is meeting with her new doctor in St. Louis, hoping for a new treatment that will be effective.

Thanks to Allyn Hinton, pictures of the Hocker Grove Jr. High 9th grade have been added.  Follow the links from the front page or click here.

With regrets we must report the passing of Russell Wallace, July 10, 2011.
You can find Russell's obituary at:

I've just added more Reunion pictures from Jerry Pond.

Linda McConwell has sent to me a copy of the thank you note she received from the school councelor, John Stone.  Click here to view, it's a pdf file.
Click here to see the latest list of contributors to the 1960 Class gift.


Sam Bruner, Richard Kramer (Principal SMN) and Ann Binford Simpson

    Yesterday Sam Bruner, Ann Binford Simpson and I presented Richard Kramer, principal at Shawnee Mission North, with our Class Gift, a check for $3,610.00.  This gift represents contributions from 40 of our classmates.  Mr. Kramer and Mr. John Stone, counselor, were appreciative and absolutely amazed by the generous gift. 

    When we were beginning to plan the 50th Reunion, the idea of a gift from our Class of 1960 began to form.  Should it be a tangible object like a sculpture or special books or a gift of money?  We asked Ann Binford Simpson to contact the principal and visit with him about the needs of students at North and how a gift could be used to make an impact on those needs.  After discussing several options, the idea of a fund to be used to help students take the necessary tests for admission to further education seemed to be something worthwhile.  So, the Test Assistance Fund was born. 

    We have learned that students who are identified as "homeless" have all cost-of-school needs met by the school.  Any ACT, SAT or AP testing tuitions are covered by the school for those homeless students. 

   We have also learned that even though some students may not be homeless, they do not have the extra funds to pay for these tests which can cost $80-$90 per test.  We did not want a student barred from further education for the cost of a test.  It is one small hurdle we can help them negotiatein an obstacle course of issues.

    And so, our gift has been accumulating since our 50th Reunion and was given on Valentine's Day.  It seems appropriate to have been given on the day commemorating acts of love and devotion. 

    God must be smiling as he sees the joy this will make possible for some deserving young men and women at Shawnee Mission North.



P.S.  There is also a fund called the "Opportunity Fund" to assist at-risk families at North.  For more information about that Fund, email ericberndt@smnof.org

    (Shawnee Mission North Opportunity Fund)


Click Here to see the latest Reunion Attendee List


John McClure sent this overhead pic of the Milburn country club fire last week.  (I see he also sent it to a few others but it is easier to pass on using my groups.)

The roofing company has apologized to the members and employees of the club.  It seems they were doing roof repair and using welding equipment.  Earlier in the day a small fire had developed but rather than calling the fire department, they put it out (or thought they had).  By the time golfers and neighbors saw the flames around 5 in the afternoon, the winds were blowing straight east at 20-30 miles per hour and the temps. had rapidly dropped so all the fire fighters could do was try to protect the buildings that were not engulfed.

We have had several fires in the area caused by roofers using torches and welding equipment (including a church at 87th and Nall) so there is no excuse for the fire department to not have been called earlier.

Many will remember that we held our 45th reunion here (69th and Santa Fe).

We have 2 classmates that I know of who are members here and there is much history. They said that Ewing Kaufman played cards here almost every day and many tournaments and qualifying rounds were played here.     



Shawnee Mission North “Girls” Monthly Breakfast
     After the 45th SMN class reunion, we put together a casual “girls” breakfast group where we’ve been meeting at Bob Evans off Johnson Drive and Antioch on the 3rd Friday every month @ 9:15…Obviously casual.
     Only prerequisites: Female, 1960’s graduate and went to Shawnee Mission North.
     Please mark your calendars. Truly it’s an open invitation and we’d love for you to join us. Just drop in, no reservations.
     Hope to see you,

Carol Castle Coffey

The following is a letter from Ellie (Dyke) Mowery after her accident:

There is not enough room in this envelope to contain all the thanks I feel to my

classmates for their love and concern during my leg-break and recuperation. I am still
in recuperation status but know that the day will come when I can walk again.

I just hope I never forget the experience and how much friendship and prayers can mean when life seems bleak.

If there is a way to send my thanks out there on the web site, please do it. If not, just pass on my thanks to anyone you see in the class.

The reunion looked terrific, just as I knew it would be, and I have heard how much it meant to so many. Kudos to all who had a part in making it a success.

Blessings for the days to come and hugs to everyone,. Ellie (Dyke) Mowery

There's a new update from Linda for the Class Gift.  Click here.

With regrets we must report the passing of Diane Ahlenstorf on Nov. 2, 2010 in Denton, Texas.

We've added a sorted Class Roster.  It's been sorted by zipcode.  You will need ID and password.

10/28/2010: Class Gift Update from Linda Sell McConwell

Here is a list of the classmates who have donated to our "Class Gift" for

Shawnee Mission North Test Assistance Fund.

Some of the notes coming with the donations are wonderful. Our classmates have big hearts and an understanding of the importance of education for the current high school students. Several classmates who were unable to attend the Reunion were happy to participate in this way.

I'm sure we will be receiving more gifts for the fund.


Here's what some of our classmates have said:

"I heartily approve of the class gift, and I am enclosing my personal check to help with the Test Assistance Fund. Education may be the best gift we can give to any young person."

"Great idea for the class gift to SMN."

"As a member of the 1960 graduating class of Shawnee Mission North, I am very happy to contribute to the Class Gift. The 'Test Assistance Fund' is a wonderful way to show the SMN students even after 50 years we former students still care."

"I'm delighted to contribute to this kind of class gift. Thanks for coming up with the idea and giving us a chance to be useful even when we can't attend."

"Please put this where most needed! Thanks for all the fun and re-connections."

Funds intended for students needing help paying for pre-admittance tests.

Mike Shadwick
Rob Ash
Sandy Melton Spalitto
Gary Brock Bert Cooper Linda Clark Richter
Donna Fitzpatrick Pauler
Max Jordan Margot Biery Richard Reid Stephen Binder
Lois Rhodus Williams
Linda Pigg Schroeder
Carol Castle Coffey
Harold Wambsgans
Mary Jane Gillespie
Nick Kemp John McClure
Jeanne Peck Dick
Jan Bush Eilert
John Miller
Linda Sell McConwell
Phyllis LaFollette Bell
Patricia Corbin
Patricia Righter Trump
Cynthia (Childers) & Bob Dunn
Barbara Lytle Gulick
Kay Moore Glenray Cramer
Meredith Brewer Bossert
Total (to date 10/28/2010): $2,630.00

More pictures of Westwood View Grade School have been added.

A "Great Job" must go out to the Reunion Planning Committee

This is the 50th Reunion Planning Committee:

Patty Watt Bays
Diana Dunning Berry
Anita Bradley
Sam Bruner
Cynthia Childers Dunn (Florida)
Jan Bush Eilert
Lydia Paul Hoobery
Barbara Dickeson Leabo
Linda Sell McConwell
Marilyn Nichols Mooney
Ellie Dyke Mowery (Oklahoma)
Roylene Bolen Phillips
Karen Johnson Phipps
Janet Seibolt Scheele
Marty Halbert Schlegel
Ann Binford Simpson
Pat Righter Trump
Lois Rhodus Williams

As a member of the committee, I must admit that it was enjoyable to work with these classmates. We worked hard but we had fun, too. Several additional classmates joined in and helped us accomplish hosting duties, decorating and clean-up. We had three great emcees: Sam Bruner, Charles Plumb and Bob Cathey. Terry Ostenberg shared with us Friday evening. Dick Myers shared on Saturday night.

A Class Gift was established and we will submit our gift to Shawnee Mission North, Test Assistance Fund in November. It is not too late to contribute to North.


Dear Classmates,
Several of our classmates have already donated to the Class Gift. Our fund is over $1000. Isn't that exciting!

After this morning's mail, we have received $950 toward the Class Gift, a fund to provide payment for pre-admission tests for qualified students at North. That amount represents gifts from 9 of our classmates. I know we will be receiving more gifts for our beloved school.
(From Linda)

Click here for the Reunion Schedule.

10/05/2010  - Class Gift
 "After visiting with Principal Kramer of S-M North, we have learned that there are many students desiring to further their education who may lack the funds to take the required tests. The cost for some of these tests (e.g. ACT, SAT, IB, PSAT) can currently run as high as $90 per test, putting them out of reach for otherwise qualified students.
In order that all North graduates aspiring to further education are allowed the chance to do so, please contribute generously to the "Test Assistance Fund", newly established as a gift from the Class of 1960.
Make your check out to:

"SM North Class of 1960" (in the memo space write "Class gift")

Send to: SM North Class of 1960, PO Box 613, Mission, KS 66202

(from Linda)

Dear Classmates,

Well, we're over 200! Imagine! 138 classmates are coming to at least one event. That's about 22%, if we had 640 in our class. Wonder what the statistics are for these Reunions?

Memory books: 129
Friday night: 148, Sam Bruner, MC, welcome. Registration packets available
Saturday tour: 108 (Choir room available). Registration packets available. Catered sack lunch.
Saturday night: 205, Class photo; Charlie Plumb, MC; Barb Gulick, invocation; Strolling Strings; Krazy Kats.
Mr. Trigg will be there. Registration packets available.
Sunday brunch: 63, Bob Cathey, MC; Chuck Adams, invocation

We may get about 10 more people to come. I know of three more. Keep working on it.

Went to hotel today and we have 2 rooms still available, I think, at the good price. Brunch menu set. Time for Farewell brunch changed to 9 to 11AM.

Roylene, I have the copies made and ready for you.

Talked with Sam today and he is ready to say, "Welcome!"

Charlie Plumb is honored to be MC Saturday night.

Bob Cathey is happy to be MC Sunday morning.

Barbara, who is greeting our classmates and giving instructions for the tour and lunch on Saturday at school? (I know you are in charge of a Retreat this weekend. I don't expect an answer, I just wondered if we should have someone ready?!)

Chuck Adams and Barb Gulick are "honored" to give the invocations for us.

Marilyn has been with the printer today. I think the "baby" is ready to be delivered! She and her daughter have worked very hard and long to make this happen. How can we thank them? Jan Eilert and Jan Scheele have helped proof the copy.

Patty and Barbara are busy with decorations. I'm trying to come up with something for the tables on Sunday. Any ideas out there?

Lydia is working on schedule for Hospitality helpers and times room open for business! She is going to notify volunteers of the schedule.

Karen Phipps will be making schedule for registration workers and notifying them when to work.

Ann has contacted teachers and Dick Trigg is coming. Perhaps another teacher will come.

Ann and Linda will meet with caterer tomorrow. I emailed band, Strolling Strings, community center and bartender to confirm. Waiting for band and cc to respond.

Ellie is working on name tags, I'm sure.

Oct. 4 we put packets together and spend the day getting "stuff" ready.

This is going to be a wonderful weekend. You have all worked hard and we've had fun in the process. Let's hope everyone else will enjoy the Reunion as much as we will. We may be tired but we'll be happy!

Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!


Pictures of South Park and Westwood View grade schools have been added.

I have tried every way I could think of to work out the 50th Reunion... but,
it's not working. I will be in Kansas City for the
Plaza Art Fair again this year. The dates are Sept. 24 - 25- 26.
The week after that there will be a show here in North Carolina and then the
week of the reunion, I have a gallery opening.

I really would like to be at the reunion, but, it not going to happen. I
sometimes think I'm getting too old for this much activity... but, then I
realize that I'm still having fun.

Hope to see you at the Plaza Art Fair again this year, and if you are able
to mention it to any classmates, it would be fun to have a little reunion at
the Art Fair.

Again, sorry I can't make it.

Mike Lightcap
138 Fortress Ridge
Weaverville, NC 28787

Class of ’60 ( wow, does that sound like a long time ago )
The big 50 reunion is getting close.

Steve Jacobus and I need to start nailing down the details for the golf outing on Friday Oct, 8.
Here are the details for play that day.

We will play at Milburn Country Club starting at approximately 1:00 which will hopefully give everyone
enough time to arrive that morning and get to the club, and to Mission Hills that evening.
We hope to have around 30 or so players and spouses.
The cost is $85.00 per player which includes all golf, cart, range balls, taxes, etc. All inclusive. We may
put together some type of game everyone can participate in. Nothing too serious. Only fun stuff. Maybe
everyone throw in a few bucks and we have a few prizes but don’t expect a Ferrari for a hole in one.

I have attached a list of the people that have indicated that they will be playing. There are
a few names where I do not have an e mail address. Please send me the addresses if you have them.
Please send me a confirmation that you will be playing and if you have any questions or suggestions for the event.
If you will require rental clubs please also let me know.

I look forward to seeing each of you on the 8th. Travel safely.

Steve Ashe

List of golfers: Steve Ashe, Steve Jacobus, Laura and Bill Frick, Dennis Rice, Bob Hinton, Tom Sawyer, Diane and Jerry Pond, Kathy and Corky Samuelson.

Possible additions: Sam Bruner, Max Jordan, Frank Lovan, Dave Bueker, Pete Black, Harold Wambsgans, Hubert Schindorf, Nicholas Kemp, Steve Binder, Ed McConwell, Dave Housh, Gary Mason, John Miller

Any of you who are interested, contact Steve or Steve or, if you know of a classmate who might be interested, give them a reminder.

Dear Classmates:
After checking with the Marriott reservations line, I have learned there are only 9 rooms left in our block of rooms.  If you or someone you know is interested in making a reservation, do so soon.  Call the Marriott reservation line, 1-800-228-9290, refer to Shawnee Mission North 50th Reunion.  Another code is SMNO.  Refer only to Oct. 8 and/or 9 to get the rate of $84/night.   
We have heard from 101 classmates who plan to attend at least one of the Reunion events.  Many more have responded with completed questionnaires for the Memory Book.  Check out the reservations list as of 8/31/2010.  I will try to keep it updated weekly. (Click on link at top of page for the current list.)

    Please respond soon for any of the events and to be included in the Memory Book

So much is happening to get ready for the weekend.  Hope you will be with us for every exciting minute!




The Class Roster has been updated as well as the Lost List.  (See below)

We have taken 2 more classmates off the lost list:
Pat Patterson Rogers found us and with her help, we found Sandra Simik Parker.
We now have 426 classmates that we have confirmed plus 42 that we can't confirm for a total of 468. We still have many on the lost list but it is much shorter than it was for the 40th and 45th reunions.

Don Davis


This list of teachers might be interesting to our classmates.  Ann Binford Simpson has been researching them and this is what she has so far. Perhaps others in our class know about some of the teachers' whereabouts. We would like to invite them to the Reunion if we can find them!
Click here to download the teachers list.
 Linda Sell McConwell

How about it?  Are any of you coming to the reunion and sending in your questionnaires?  Bring a guest, too! 

We have 64 reservations counting the guests .  Five classmates reserved a spot for a guest but didn't name the guest---keeping their options open, I guess!  I have 87 questionnaires returned and forwarded to Marilyn.  She has more that have come directly to her.  Linda

Hi Everyone,

I have not sent an e-mail for quite sometime as my server decided 290 was too big for a group e-mail.  I have now set up 7 groups and will try sending information this way.  

Larry Newlon is adding information to our website but I am afraid many aren't going there. He has the form for registration and for the memory book at the top of the page.  He also has a place for the latest class news.  He is also in the process of adding the senior pictures of those classmates, who have passed away, to the memorial page. He has added our senior pics.  So please check it.  He added the new message board where we can send messages back and forth but there has not been much activity.  For security reasons, he set a code for it. Just go in and send your message and it will prompt a code to be sent to you the first time.  From then on you will be recognized. Larry has an Author's Page (send him an e-mail if you have written a book and he will include you on this page).

Marilyn Nichols Mooney is working on the Memory Book.  There was a form in the mailing we sent out and it is also on our website.  Please send your information even if you can't attend our reunion as we still want to know what you have been doing these last 50 years. She needs to have these forms in by Aug. 15.

Barbara Malcolm McAllister has been working on a page called "Keeping in Touch" which can also be found on our website.  Please visit this page on a regular basis as she is going to continue to add more information to it as time goes on with the help of other classmates.

We had a good day today as thanks to a improved search site on "White Pages" on-line, I am finding more lost classmates.  Those found today are:

Dick Loidolt
Bart Pixton
Judy Enfield Lorraine (some of you may have known her sister, who was 2 years behind us...her sister was in a very serious car accident a month ago and remains in ICU)
Jeanette Coulter Otto
Kathleen Taylor Hassler
I also believe I have found the following but cannot confirm by phone:
Ted Pendery
Karen James Wiseman
Sylvia Essex Owens

We now know where 420 classmates are living. If you have any hints on anyone on the lost list please send them to me as time is running short.

Looking forward to seeing all of you October 8-10.


I received a message on facebook from Janet (Steencken) and she did receive the mailing Linda sent. So here is her address:

15 Duvall Ln.
Bella Vista, AR 72715

Also, I found Omar "Roy" James died in 2006.

And, I may have leads on Sterling "Michael" Jackson and Sharon Conley Jewett.


New Photo Gallery has been added. (Getting ready for the reunion.)

Merriam Grade School pictures have been added to the web site, thanks to Stephen Peters.

Another lost classmate found.

Patricia Corbin
25143 Lake Frances Rd
Siloam Springs, AR 72761


More classmates found and resurrected from the lost list:
Sharon Thomas Fulkerson
Jackie Rogers Christie
Robert Jordan Sanders
Karen Parker Stevenson

Two more added to the deceased list:
Lois Simpson McIlvaine (had just recently contacted us to be included in our mailing)
Richard Hite


    The first person making/paying for a reservation for the Reunion Saturday night is:  Dan Boone, living in Littleton, Co.  Thank you Dan.  We're looking forward to seeing you.
We're on the way.....

From: Roylene (Bolen) Phillips

Dear 1960 Classmates:
I'm making a Scrapbook of our High School years for the 50th Reunion and would welcome any photos, articles, or memorabilia you would like to add to our Book of Memories. (All will be returned to you)

If you have something you'd like to contribute --

Email me at roylene@usa.com or call my cell phone: 816/809-6358

Thank you -- I'm looking forward to putting together some beautiful memories.

Roylene (Bolen) Phillips

From:  Linda Sell McConwell
RE: SMNorth, Class of 1960, 50 year Reunion, October 8, 9 and 10, 2010.

To make reservations at the Overland Park Marriott for our special block of rooms and receive the special rate ($84/night):

1-800-228-9290, Shawnee Mission North 50th Class Reunion, specify dates Oct 8 & 9, 2010 (if you want additional dates, you'll have to do your own negotiating). If you refer to other dates, the reservations operators will not see our block of rooms.

If you are having trouble, a reference market code number "SMNO" should take the operator to the right block of rooms.

Ed and I stayed at the Marriott for his 50th reunion last October and I hope we stay again. Those beds are comfy! It is a beautiful hotel with lots of amenities.

Look who'll be at the Pre-party on April 18th...they'd love to see you, too. Call or email Barbara Dickeson Leabo by Friday, April 16th if you'd like to join them. 816-254-0123 or gbleabo(at)sbcglobal.net. 
  Ann Binford Simpson
  Anita Bradley
  Margie Bunch Sheets
   Jan Bush Eilert (2)
   Don Davis (2)
   Arlene Hampton (Smith)
   Max Jordan
   Barbara Dickeson Leabo (2)
   Marty Halbert Schlegel
   Karen Johnson Phipps
   Sandy Melton Spalitto (2)
   Marilyn Nichols Mooney
   Bud O'Dell (2)
   Lydia Paul Hoobery 
   Pat Righter Trump
   Janet Seibolt Scheele (2)
   Linda Sell McConwell (2)
   Ken Thomas (2)
   Harold Wambsgans
   Patty Watt Bays (2)
   Gini Whalen Lively

From:  Linda Sell McConwell

Hello Classmates:

     We have been working on 50th Reunion plans.   

    Those of you who live in the KC area should have received an invitation to a pre-party on April 18.  It should be a fun afternoon of music, conversation, photographs and food.  Hope you will plan on attending.  Be sure to make your reservation with Barbara Dickeson Leabo (gbleabo@sbcglobal.net).  The buffet dinner is $15 per person, coffee, tea and soda included in the price.  Cash bar will be available.  Spouses and friends are welcome to join the fun.

    Steve Ashe and Steve Jacobus are working on a golf event for the October reunion.  Check out the website (SMNorth60.com) for the information.  IF you are interested in golf on Friday, Oct. 8, please contact one of them.  They need to have a ball park figure for who would be interested to complete the plans.  

    Also, if you are out-of-town and want to stay at the Marriott ($84/night), check the website for the reservation line number and details.  We reserved a block of 30 rooms and hope to fill them!   

    The Reunion Planning committee is planning to create a Memory Book.  To do this we will be using the website to post a questionnaire for classmates to complete and send to the MB committee.  More details later.   

    Please get familiar with the website.  Send messages to each other, read messages, post photographs.  It will be lots of fun if we actually USE the website.  We are so fortunate to be able to provide a website for our classmates.  

    Three generous classmates have made donations to our funds this year.  What a great idea!  Thank you Nelson Farney, Sandy Melton Spalitto and Linda Pigg Schroeder!   Several classmates are donating goods as well as time to help the Reunion happen.  We need everyone's participation, for sure! 

    Next Reunion meeting is scheduled for May 4.  Join us. 

Linda Sell McConwell 

From:  Linda Sell McConwell

Dear Friends,   

    Several of us met last night (2/11/10) and discussed budget issues!  Wow.  What an interesting and challenging topic.  Patty Bays, Barbara Leabo, Marilyn Nichols, Karen Phipps, Jan Eilert, and I met and enjoyed a Valentine cake Patty brought to share with us while we worked.  We had a good meeting.  Lois Williams was out of town.  Lydia was ill. Pat Trump was unavailable.  Jan Scheele, was celebrating the birth of a new grandchild and could not join us.    

    Let us know if you want to continue getting notices of meetings.  We'd love to have more input, ideas and help but don't want to pester you if you are unable to come or uninterested.  Please, come when you can.  Everyone is welcome. 

    In the sincere effort to keep the costs reasonable, we think we have made good choices and are still fine-tuning.  Now we have a ball-park idea of what the expenses will be, what we need to provide, and better direction in future choices.  We want to have the BEST reunion we can have and not break the bank.   

    Some people have mentioned that our out-of-town classmates might be interested in "sponsoring" a portion of the Reunion expense.  For instance, one classmate suggested that several people might want to underwrite the cost of the Memory Book.  We will have ongoing expenses with mailings and the effort to contact classmates.  Any help you wish to provide will be appreciated.   

    Jan and Patty will be previewing a DJ on the 19th.  Karen is getting some information about another DJ.  I am contacting a couple of live bands for estimates/availability.  We will make the deposit for the Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center.   

    Marilyn has been working on details for the Memory Book and made us all excited about that prospect.  The completeness of the book will depend on the timely response of our classmates.  So start talking "Reunion" to our classmates whenever you get the chance!  

    Roylene has offered to share her scrapbooks filled with memories.  We are trying to figure out a way to safely display memorabilia.  Maybe people can take photographs and we can put them in the Memory Book.  Might be safer for some things!   

    REMEMBER:                      PRE-PARTY for KC Alums/spouses/guests and all other classmates/spouses/guests in town on that day

                                              Sunday, April 18:  Luckybrew Grill, Mission, KS,  4 - 6 PM

                                              BUFFET DINNER, CASH BAR AVAILABLE

                Please pass the word and plan on joining us as we prepare for our 50th Reunion.  The more the merrier!  We'd like to share all the news with you!



 NEXT MEETING:  Noon, Monday, March 1, 5925 Beverly.  Bring a sack lunch.  Soda, coffee, tea, water provided. 

From:  Linda Sell McConwell
Update on reunion plans.

Dear Classmates,

     Well, we're hearing from more of you!  Alan Hendricks is out there and interested in our Reunion.  Dave Housh said Nick Kemp is planning to attend.  Pam Crebbs said she's trying to join the KC alums at the April 18th party at Luckybrew Grill in Mission.  Asta Schmidt made some great suggestions for favors for the Reunion.  Jeanne Peck said she wishes she lived closer to help with the Reunion planning.  Anita Bradley is planning to help.  Sue Aitken is hoping to contact Lydia Paul to make some special plans for the Old Mission alums.  Cynthia and Bob Dunn are planning a Hocker Grove event.  Sue Yarborough is interested in a Choir get-together during the Reunion.  Bob Cathey is excited by the plans for the Reunion and has given some great ideas.  Barbe Wallace is offering to help from Virginia.  We've heard from Bill Overend. 

     Barbara Malcolm has posted an interesting story about Lois Rhodus Williams and promises to do more.  Webmaster Larry Newlon must be getting cramps in his fingers from work on the website!  (All of us are welcome to submit letters, stories, interesting news items concerning our class, with the understanding that our Webmaster has the final responsibility to determine appropriateness.)  Don Davis has put in lots of hours locating accurate addresses for our class.  He's recruited 10 classmates to help him.  Way to go!  Sam Bruner signed the "Summons"  you should have received by now with the first news about the 50th class reunion.  Dick Myers even stopped by to stamp a few of the envelopes for the first mailing.  Sandy Melton brought her husband, Frank, to help with the project.  We had a good time!

     We've been in contact with Phyllis LaFollette Bell who had her own show in Las Vegas on Jan. 23.  She was so great entertaining us at the 45th Reunion.  Can't wait to find out about future performances.  Charlie Plumb is planning to join the fun at the 50th.  We're trying to pick his brain for ideas!

     Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the committee is working hard to make plans you'll enjoy, trying to keep the cost down and having fun while we work.  Special requests and/or suggestions should be made soon.  Email them to Larry Newlon (lnewlon(at)smnorth60.com), Don Davis (optoni2(at)everestkc.net) or to me (linda(at)mcconwell.com).  If you have the time, you're welcome to join in the planning committee meetings.  Just be prepared to receive an assignment for duty!  It is a hard-working, fun-loving group. 

     If any of you are able, we would appreciate donations to help defray the costs of mailings (photocopies, envelopes, stamps, mailing labels), website costs, and costs involved in locating classmates.  Your check can be made to SMNorth Class of 1960 and mailed to P.O. Box 613, Mission, KS 66202.  Thank you in advance for your help. 

 ATTENTION KC ALUMS:  Buffet dinner party planned for 4 - 7 PM, Sunday, April 18, Lucybrew Grill in Mission. Spouses and guests welcome!  

      I know we'll be hearing from more of you.  Keep the emails coming!  It's fun to reconnect.  Remember to use the websight for "shout-outs".  It's a great way to stay in touch.

 As ever,

Linda McConwell

From:  Linda Sell McConwell
Update on reunion plans.

Dear Classmates,
We have more news about our 50th Reunion, Oct. 8, 9 & 10, 2010.

Steve Ashe and Steve Jacobus are planning a golf even for Friday, Oct. 8
Lois Rhodus Williams has reserved Mission Hills CC for our Friday evening, Oct. 8, party.
Barbara Dickeson Leabo has notified SM North that we would like a tour of North Saturday morning, Oct. 9.
Cynthia Childers Dunn and Bob Dunn are planning an event for Hocker Grove alums during the reunion weekend.
Sue Aitken Johnson and Lydia Paul Hoobery are interested in planning an event for the Old Mission alums. They would appreciate some volunteers.
We are looking for people to work on events for Milburn and Indian Hills. Volunteers, please.
Saturday evening we'll have a buffet dinner, a sock hop held at the gym of the Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center in Mission.
Patty Watt and helpers will be in charge of decorations for Saturday evening.
Marilyn Nichols Mooney and Jan Siebolt Scheele are in charge of the Memory Book.
Lydia Paul Hoobery will attempt to locate teachers from North. It was suggested that we find funds to underwrite teacher and spouse tickets for Saturday night.
Bob Cathey suggested that we solicit funds to underwrite the cost of the Memory Book. (A way for out-of-towners to be involved with the Reunion business)
We will reserve a block of 30 rooms at the Overland Park Marriott for the weekend. Room rates: $99/night.

There are emails and phone calls to be made asking classmates to help with specific jobs. We will keep you informed as we have more news! It is getting more exciting with each meeting. We are trying to meet our goal of providing time and space for our classmates to reconnect! Also, we are trying to be sensitive to the economic times and have a fun reunion that doesn't break the bank.

The first mailing will be sent the week of Jan. 12, 2010.

Barbara Malcolm McAlister is working on a series of articles about our classmates to be printed on the web sight (www.SMNorth60.com). She is aiming for the first one to be published in December or January.

A social is being planned for the KC alums for Jan. 17. Location TBA soon. (There will NOT be a mailing so watch for information on the web sight.)

Your Reunion Committee hopes you will circle the dates and plan to join us for a great 50th Reunion. Thanks.

Oct. 22nd
From:  Linda Sell McConwell
New Memory Book

Hello again,

    Are any of you interesting in working on a memory book for our 50th Reunion? 

    We are thinking this booklet would include self-submitted biographical info and photos, perhaps pictures from high school days as well as the contact info about each classmate.  The committee would be responsible for deciding a format, what to include, how to proceed; obtaining information from classmates; receiving, reproducing and proof-reading the information; copying pages; creating a cover; and having all bound into a booklet.  Prior to creating and mailing the registration forms and any questionnaires in early summer, we would need to know the estimated cost per booklet.

    Classmate information could be accumulated by email, through our web site and through a questionnaire which could be mailed.  This is something for people who do not live in KC but want to help with the Reunion as well as in-town alums.  Since you all are connected by email and our web site, each of you could help!

    Please consider this job.  There are three people who have already expressed interest. It is fun to get reacquainted with our classmates.  Some of you have professional journalism training and this might be a job you would enjoy.  

    Let me know as soon as possible.



Oct. 22nd
From:  Linda Sell McConwell

    Steve Ashe and Steve Jacobus are going to arrange a golf outing (for men and women) on Friday, Oct. 9, 2010 in connection with our 50th Reunion.  When there are more details, we'll let you know.

Oct. 21st
From:  Linda Sell McConwell
Reunion Date Set

Dear Classmates,

     The 50th Reunion of the Shawnee Mission North Class of 1960 will be held October 8, 9 and 10, 2010.  We are looking forward to lots of classmates returning for a great weekend.  We'll plan time and space for you to meet and visit with friends, see the school and even listen to (dance to?) music from our high school days.  We're trying to be mindful of the expense of the Reunion and will do all in our power to plan nice events that are reasonably priced.   

    Now, we are again asking your help in finding "lost" classmates.  Please check the web site (www.SMNorth60.com) to see the list.  Then, tell Don Davis if you know where anyone on that list is now located.  And, to quote Don, "For heaven's sake, don't move in the next year!" 

    Several classmates have volunteered to help and we will be contacting them soon.  Stay in touch.  Check the web site often.  There will be some interesting articles, pictures and mementoes appearing soon, thanks to the creative talent of Barbara Malcolm McAlister and our wonderful classmates who have saved things!  

Linda Sell McConwell

Oct. 7th,
From Don Davis:
Current Lost List:
Current Lost List Oct 5, 2009

This List has been updated: click here for complete list.

Oct. 2, 2009
Linda McConwell:
Here's a list of those planning on attending the picnic on Sunday, Oct. 11th.
Don Davis and Toni
Barb Dickeson Leabo and Gary
Marilyn Nichols Mooney
Allyn Hinton
Linda Sell McConwell and Ed
Jan Bush Eilert
John Beal
Max Jordan
Rus Miller and Jane
Don Hess and Jean
Bud Odell
Sharon Mayes Bagg
John Nickels
Margie Bunch Sheets
Karen Johnson Phipps
Marty Halbert Schlegel

Oct. 2, 2009
Dear Classmates,

The Kansas City alums are having a picnic on Sunday, Oct. 11 from 4 - 6 PM at Santa Fe Pavilion in Harmon Park, 77th and Delmar, Prairie Village.  Invitations were mailed to over 180 classmates who live in the KC area.  If you live in the KC metropolitan area and DID NOT receive your invitation, please contact us via our web sight.  We want everyone to come and "warm up" for our 50th Reunion next year.
There were a few invitations which were returned.  Here's the list:

Dennis Bailey
Lucinda Butler White
Nan Gallivan Wolfe
R. Gary Letzig
Carol Pflumm Manley

Bob Purcell
Steve Risinger
Gail Hedges Johnson
Carole Holy Allen
Vaughn Hadley

    If you know the correct address for any of these classmates, please forward the information to our Web Master, Larry Newlon.  Don Davis has agreed to continue maintaining our "master" list of addresses.


Linda Sell McConwell

Sept. 15, 2009
From: Linda McConwell
Preliminary Planning for the 50th Reunion.

Dear Classmates,
As a result of our meeting last week, it was decided to "test the waters" with a MIXER for our classmates.  It is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 11, 4 - 6 PM (changed from 2 - 4 PM, the Chiefs are playing at noon!!!), at Harmon Park Shelter House, 77th Place and Delmar, Prairie Village.  Invitations will be mailed to our in-town alums using the current addresses listed in our web sight. We hope that it will be a fun afternoon, visiting, sharing new addresses, emails, etc. and discussing possible plans for a 50th Reunion.  
At the present time, there does not seem to be much interest among the locals, i.e. those who would do the planning, execute the plans and be hosts for the gathering.   We are hopeful that by reminding each other of our up-coming 50th anniversary, we will stir up more interest.  At the 45th Reunion, we all looked forward to getting together again for the big 5-0! 
Last weekend, Ed and I attended a reunion of the football teams who played at Shawnee Mission/SMNorth during its 87 year history.  There were two members of Ed's senior class and none from the class of 1960's football team.  Whether or not the men were located and notified, I do not know.  Coach Bryan Sperry was there and spoke to the group.  On Friday, the attendees saw North beat Leavenworth 41-0 and were recognized by being gathered mid-field to receive the applause of the crowd.  It must have been exciting to be on the football field again after all those years and hear the crowd and see the lights.  It always seemed so exciting on those Friday nights when we played at home and I looked up at a sea of red Pep Club jacketed friends screaming for our team. 
If you have some memories you treasure of school and friends, please come on the 11th to share and renew friendships.  Although many years have flown by, there must be 50 good reasons for having a Reunion, but........

 "It won't be a REUNION without 'U'!"

Sincerely, Linda

Dear Classmates,
It has been decided to move forward with a pot luck picnic on Sunday, Oct. 11, 4 - 6 PM (changed from 2 - 4 PM, the Chiefs are playing at noon!!!), at Harmon Park Shelter House, 77th Place and Delmar in Prairie Village.  The park is just west and south of SM East.
I saw Steve Ashe today and we laughed (sighed?) that we were getting ready for a 50th Reunion...that perhaps we should call it the Second 25th!  Fifty sounds so...well, long ago! 
Slowly I am accumulating email addresses.  Please, please, please pass email addresses to me so that I can contact people.  IT is so much easier than phoning and/or writing snail-mail. 
Plan to attend the party on the 11th.  I am forwarding an invitation to the SM East class and also to SM North Class of 1959 since their 50th Reunion is that weekend.  Perhaps we can see some more friends. 
Too cool!



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