Lost List Aug. 4, 2010   

 If you live in an area that one of our “lost” were in, we would appreciate any help trying to locate them. 

Thanks, Don 

Aldridge, Judy

Balda, Jim (last known in Ecuador)

Bales, Sharon (we had her married to Richard W Hill then Griffin had phone here but disconnected)

Bartels, Jim (in British Columbia and is now retired)

Bayne, Barbara

Bevins, Kay (married name was Klein)

Bruno, Mary Patricia (had her married to Miller had phone in Grove OK but disconnected)

Christianson, Janice

Clark, Patricia

Conley, Sharon (we had married to Brian Messenger)

 Dalton, Margaret

Davis, Sharon Rose (according to classmates she lives in Springfield MO)

DeWing, Ruth Ann Klaus (was in Cleveland, MO)

Eggleston, James (on classmates but does not respond)

Emberton, Charles  (not the one in Milan MO)

Essex, Sylvia  (was married to Jim Hayes)

Fisher, Bill (on classmates but won’t respond)

French, Kolene (was sometimes spelled Ffrench)

Fryer, Harvey

Gallagher, Terri (had her married to Dave Axton & in Topeka couldn’t verify)

Godwin, Connie

Goldblatt, Nathan (had him in KCMO at one time)

Gray, Barbara

Griffin, Stan

Hammond, Carl D

Hayes, Sandra K (moved a lot married to Michael E Broll)

Heidebrecht, Karen (was married to Tex Campbell and they were in TX)

Herron, Julia

Humphrey, Tom

Johnson, Margaret (had her in Maplewood, NJ)

James, Karen Wiseman (on classmates but won’t respond)

Jones, Bob (was in Manasses, VA married to Deborah during 40th)

King, Julie (had married to Martin Barnett)

King, Karolyn

Larson, Gary

Layton, Patricia

Livesay, Judy (had her married to Albright in IA but can’t verify)

Lorts, LeLaunie

MacDonald, Adrian

McMahan, Floyd

McPherson, Sue

Morgan, Leona (had her married to Fletcher)

Nelson, Jacquelin

Pendery, Ted (thought he was in TX)

Pyle, Jan (had married to Ed Olson)

Robertson, David (I had him in the NY area but not able to confirm)

Robertson, Jeanette D ( Edward A Booth…previous husband told me they lived in the Twin Cities area)

Rose, Don Thornton

Rostocil, Charles E (Sandra) (in Portland area according to facebook but won’t respond)

Ruth, Twila (married name James was in Costa Mesa CA)

Sellin, John (supposed to be living in Reno)

Smith, Kenny

Stover, Linda

Strong, Roy

Taylor, Kathleen

Terry, Pat Pickens (on classmates with maiden name)

Thomson, Lynda

Turner, Judy

White, Bob (Judy) (were at the 40th and then disappeared)

Wilkie, Jan

Williams, Margie

Wilson, Barbara