50th Reunion Initial Plans

If you had told me on a hot night, in 1960, sitting in the middle of the football field, at SM North, that we would still be here in the year 2005 thinking about our 50th reunion in 2010, I would have said you're crazy! 
 Well, here we are! 
We just had a wonderful 45th reunion but to make our 50th everything we want it to be, we must start planning now and we will need to start booking locations in 2007 or 2008 at the latest.  This last October, we tried to book locations for the 45th only to find everything we had talked about was already booked.  Fortunately, we were able to book the country club but that will not be big enough for our 50th. We will want to book blocks of rooms for those coming from out of town as well as the sites for the reunion itself.  We will want to let our classmates know as soon as the sites and dates are chosen so they can start planning.
We, also, need to start a buddy system right now to contact those classmates that we were close to and stay in contact with them by letter, by phone and/or by e-mail to encourage them to participate in our 50th.  I have talked to a lot of these people but, in many cases, they did not know who I was.  It would mean much more for you to contact them if you knew them.  You can find the latest addresses we have for them on our web site at: smnorth60.com.
Here are other ways you can help!  
1) Help on the Reunion committee.  A new committee is being formed.  Probably fewer than 15 people (for now).  They will need with your input to:
                                                        choose the location
                                                        select the theme
                                                        finances/expenses, ie, postage, PO Box, web site, supplies, events
                                                        mailings and invitations
2) Help locate and keep in contact with our classmates.  If you call, or write, or e-mail a classmate; let us know if the information we have is correct.  If it is NOT correct, please let us know that also (maybe you know of their siblings, children, parents that might lead us to the correct information).  I am more than willing to update our directory and I, then, send it on to Larry and he updates the web site.  Please use our web site more...send pictures...leave messages...look for updates.
3) Help prepare the "Book of Memories" for our 50th.  This could be 3-5 people, who enjoy working on projects.  It would involve contacting classmates, getting information from them, choosing a format and producing copies for classmates.  This process would need to begin so that a budget of expenses could be presented to the Reunion committee.
4) Help choose a gift for the school.  This would need to be done in the next 12-24 months so that funds can begin to be accumulated.  This could probably be five people.  One idea could be a plague of some sort to Merlin Gish as part of the new stadium.
5) Make plans for an annual get-together.  Perhaps a group could continue the informal get-togethers on a regular basis such as the successful ones planned for the American Bandstand by the 2 Karens.  Space would need to be reserved and word would have to get out to the class.  Everyone would pay their own expenses at the time of the event with no reservations, no pre-payment, no hassle.  The fun would be in coming up with some interesting/different venues for the parties.  And, a time to discuss the needs for the 50th.
Please remember to help us keep in contact with you.  If your name, address, phone number or e-mail changes (or that of a classmate you know) please send us a card or e-mail.
Mail to: Shawnee Mission North Class of 1960, PO Box 613, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-0613
E-Mail to: optoni2@everestkc.net or you can leave a message with our webmaster, Larry Newlon on our web site at: SMNorth60.com           

(Don Davis)

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